subsea tree under repair

Hydrus Group have completed the refurbishment of a subsea tree, tree cap and debris cap for a major oil & gas operator. The project involved the refurbishment of the subsea tree , tree caps & debris cap at the Hydrus facility, this included inspection, refurbishment, repair, manufacture, pressure testing and certification.


Subsea Tree

• Hand abrade and apply a 3 coat offshore rated coating system

• Removal of SCM & production flowline

• Function and pressure test all valves, pressure test the PSSV line & function the PLMV

• Purge all pipework, flush from all functions

• Drift bores

• Weld new anodes onto Tree frame

• Apply three coat subsea paint spec

• Balance Tree

• Replace aqua signs and guide-wire gate securing wires

• Continuity checks and redress Tree

• Third party sign off

Tree Cap & Debris Cap

• Flush and pressure test control pipework

• Change fluid from BRAYCO Sv3 to TRANSAQUA HT2

• Pressure test Tree cap bores

• Pressure test Tree cap isolation valves - above and below

• Continuity checks

• Redress Tree Cap

• Third party sign off